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Fitbit Zip Serial Number Extra Quality

As long as you previously registered your Fitbit to your account by connecting and syncing your Fitbit device to the Fitbit app or via Fitbit Connect, the customer service representative should be able to provide you with the serial number.

Fitbit Zip Serial Number

Fitbit sets its customers up to be victims of theft by 1. not putting serial numbers on the bits so that lost or stolen ones can never be returned to their rightful owners, even if recovered by police (learned this when I went to file a police report) and 2. not making it possible to deactivate a lost or stolen device, allowing anyone to activate it as if it were their own. My son's Blaze was stolen at a track meet - the watch band and charger were left behind. Since the bit is tiny, it can easily be slipped into a sock or the pocket of a pair of track shorts. There is no identifying information on it or in it. Anyone can take it and create a new account and start using it. You have absolutely NO recourse. The most Fitbit will do is offer 25% off a new one. I'm not even tempted. It should be illegal to sell a $200.00 device without a serial number. It is illegal in most states to sell an item from which the serial number was removed. Ebay doesn't allow the sale of such items, but something that never had one is apparently fair game. Go to Ebay and see how many Blazes are for sale without the original packaging (which is the only place you will find a serial number) and ask yourself how many were probably stolen. It boggles the mind that Fitbit has not addressed this issue.

Interesting. I have owned a basis peak and now a philips watch. Both of these product had a serial number you could find under the about on the watch. Never thought that my fitbit did not have a serial number. Oh well. that is indeed strange.

Your serial number ( which is the FCC ID) is located on the bottom of your fitbit watch box. Also, go to settings on your watch. Scroll down to Regulatory Info, tap on it. The U.S. FCC ID # will be there & if it is your watch it will match the FCC ID from the bottom of the watch box.

There is no serial number imprinted on the Blaze. And while the Bluetooth MAC is unique, I don't see it on the watch or web dashboard. So practically speaking, that makes it impossible for a user or law enforcement to identify stolen property without the cooperation of Fitbit.

Was looking for S/N on my Blaze and didn't find it, as this string suggests. Updated my Blaze to 17.8.401.3 and now the regulatory screen gives an 11 digit serial which wasn't there before. I don't have the packaging to confirm but this appears to be the S/N as requested in this and other posts. Can someone confirm?

Now about the serial number - still need it on the case and a convenient way to locate it in app or web dashboard if your Blaze has been stolen. Boxes get tossed or lost. But that is setting the bar too low - we need some type of activation lock to discourage theft because it can't be used if stolen.

To obtain warranty service, you must have a return authorization. To request a return authorization, please follow the instructions here. The return authorization number must be included along with your returned Product. You must deliver the Product, in either its original packaging or packaging providing an equal degree of protection, to the address specified by Fitbit. As may be required by applicable law, Fitbit may require you to furnish proof of purchase details and/or comply with other requirements before receiving warranty service. It is your responsibility to backup any data, software, or other materials you may have stored or preserved on the Product. It is likely that such data, software, or other materials will be lost or reformatted during warranty service, and Fitbit will not be responsible for any such loss.

I need to find the serial number for my fitbit. I work in a restricted access building. Until recently activity trackers were not allowed. Just recently the policy has changed. I have to apply for access but the form is asking for a serial number. Can someone show me how. I don't have the original package it can in.

Every product is satisfaction guaranteed and may be returned within 30 days of delivery date as long as it is in brand new condition (including but not limited to scratches or dents) and it also must be returned in the original box with the user manual and charger. The customer is responsible for shipping the products back. All returns require an authorisation number. Please email us to initiate your return at

The serial number is on the back of the tablet stand. The Zero is a number (0) not a letter (o). This information is needed when signing up for a subscription, and we appreciate you referring to us when submitting a warranty.

According to the file, it had made time stamps of when I backed up my iPhone, when I uploaded photos to iCloud and really boring things like that. It had stored my e-mail and physical address, but not the phone number, which is odd, since the information came from the iPhone.

It is hard to find the date of manufacture of Hot Water Tank, or Water Heater. Most of time they do not put the date on the plate.But we can decode from the serial number. Let me show you how to determine the age of Hot Water Tank of different brand.

Starting with Anthos clusters on bare metal version 1.13.0, when you create a VM,Anthos VM Runtime uses the disk names you specify in the VM resource toset disk serial numbers. Specifically, the names you specify withspec.disks.virtualMachineDiskName in the VirtualMachine custom resource areused in the serial number for the disks. This feature makes it easier to locateyour disks in the VM when you need to perform disk operations, such asformatting or mounting.

Seller will, at its sole and absolute discretion, either repair or replace a Product (which unit may use refurbished parts of similar quality and functionality) if found by Seller to be defective in material or workmanship, or if Seller determines that it is unable to repair or replace such Product, Seller will refund the purchase price for such Product, provided that the subject Product (i) is returned to a Seller authorized service center within the one year warranty period, and (ii) is accompanied by a proof of purchase in the form of a bill of sale or receipted invoice which evidences that the subject Product is within the one year warranty period. After the one year warranty period, you must pay all shipping, parts and labor charges. In the event that the product is deemed un-repairable or has been removed from the list of products supported by the Seller, you will only be liable for shipping and labor charges. This limited warranty does not cover and is void with respect to the following: (i) any Product which has been improperly installed, repaired, maintained or modified; (ii) any Product which has been subjected to misuse (including any Product used in conjunction with hardware electrically or mechanically incompatible or used with accessories not approved by Seller), abuse, accident, physical damage, abnormal operation, improper handling, neglect, exposure to fire or liquid; (iii) any Product operated outside published maximum ratings; (iv) cosmetic damage; (v) any Product on which warranty stickers or Product serial numbers have been removed, altered, or rendered illegible; (vi) cost of installation, removal or reinstallation; (vii) signal reception problems (unless caused by defects in material and workmanship); (viii) damage the result of fire, flood, acts of God or other acts which are not the fault of Seller and which the Product is not specified to tolerate, including damage caused by mishandling, shipping and blown fuses; (ix) consumables (such as fuses); or (x) any Product which has been opened, repaired, modified or altered by anyone other than Seller or a Seller authorized service center.

Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For warranty service information, please call the following telephone number: 1-877-817-1759, 1-212-444-0502 or return to the point of sale for the products. The retailer can return the units to ZTE authorized service center in US for repair service.

4. The system of claim 1, wherein the queuing procedure calculates the price for a pick-up option based, at least in part, on (i) a number of customers that have already scheduled orders for the pick-up option and (ii) the queue time calculated for the pick-up option.

14. The method of claim 11, wherein the queuing procedure calculates the price for a pick-up option based, at least in part, on (i) a number of customers that have already scheduled orders for the pick-up option and (ii) the queue time calculated for the pick-up option. 041b061a72

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