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Income Tax Law And Practice Book Pdf Free _VERIFIED_ 57

It is a fundamental principle in service to justice that the person on whose oath the facts appear shall be freely and independently permitted to testify to all matters having a bearing thereon. Such privilege of the citizen-witness is recognized and protected in the procedures and record-making functions of the courts, in proceedings, official or quasi-official, whereby the competent authorities seek to establish and sustain the truth of the charge, and in proceedings, official or quasi-official, where the competent authorities seek to resist such charge, or to limit or restrict its credibility. [ 21 ]

income tax law and practice book pdf free 57

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The protections afforded by the statute, as described in the lead opinion, Ante, at 16, are triggered if the notice informs the worker of the right to be free of certain "terms and conditions of employment," as those terms are used in the relevant statutes and regulations. The lead opinion's opinion stated the terms and conditions at issue to be: (a) "wage or compensation discrimination based on gender, including but not limited to discriminatory wage rates, wages not paid on a salary basis or not paid to a male or female at equal rates for equal work," and (b) "any compensation terms or conditions of employment not authorized by this act, including but not limited to gender-based discrimination in compensation for employment, job classification, performance evaluation and bonus." Id., at 16-17. In order to demonstrate that the State has acted pursuant to the authority granted to it in the statute, the plaintiffs were required to have shown that defendants have employed or compensated employees at their state-owned or state-funded utility, at different rates, for performing jobs which are "paid for equal work, paid at equal rates," and which are not "authorized by this act." Id., at 17-19. Ante, at 63-64.

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